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Services overview

We provide unparalleled services to our valued clients ranging from government liaison, clearance on project implementations to consumer markets profiling, assisting strategic markets entries and market channel establishment for diverse industries in projects and retail domains respectively. The company can provide complete one stop consulting and assistance in technology transfer, outsourcing, value creation and business markets exploration through connecting organizations strategically.

Our value-pack includes customized consulting and assistance in setting-up the market seeding platform from initial research through pilot market testing, launching to full expansion to Indian and Asian Markets. On projects portfolio front, we are geared –up to assist the client from pilot project to complete EPC implementation.

The services rendered also include consulting for entity formation, regulatory compliance, business registration, location Identification, local team identification and build multi-dimensional support vehicle.

Strategic Market Entry Services

Comprehensive strategic entry services which will help export or make direct investments in order to support company’s competitiveness on an international market. Our services include help in achieving international commercial objectives, perform customized market research, competitive analysis, risk assessment, build market entry strategy and developing action plan covering the operational and financial aspects of entering the market. This slot of our services also includes Identifying & Setting -Up Complete Distribution & Retail Channel for the clients in Indian, Asian and other Overseas Markets in the given business segments.


Following, Industrial sectors are available under our services:

Life Science

Medical devices, diagnostic equipment & technologies, pharmaceutical products including personal care & wellness products in OTC & Prescription Arenas, equipment and systems used in drug manufacturing etc.

Water Technologies

Drinking and Industrial water treatment technologies for variety of applications. On drinking water front, the technology transfers, collaborations & alliances include city water treatment, municipal population drinking water resource solution and water fitness /quality enhancement for meeting out drinking water objectives. Drinking water technologies includes point of use filtrations systems.

On Industrial water treatment front, collaborations will facilitate large quantity water treatment required for customized applications in process industry.

The technological treatment solutions will apply to sea, river as well as ground water using desalinations and other emerging technologies.


Process Development, standardizations and certifications for Commercial and Military aircraft structural assembling, components development & manufacturing, systems & software development including Sheet Metal component fabrication, Machining (Titanium, SS and Al) & Composite Fabrication.
The company has also built its strategic capability by connecting to resourceful facilities in hi-tech environment including availability of technical manpower for economic & qualitative manufacturing of Aerospace Components with pre-defined standardization in low-cost emerging global locations. This obviously leverages- out the substantial cost saving to the clients in Aerospace Components manufacturing.

Information Technology

Research and Development projects in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Business Analytics, Machine Vision and other software development including outsourcing.

Environmental Technologies

Waste management, Thermal and acoustic protection technologies, Industrial Water purification technologies for affluent treatments to protect environment and meet regulatory requirements.

Non-Conventional Energy

Wind Power Technologies, Energy from waste, Solar Power, Geothermal and Ocean Energy Turbine.

Non-Conventional Manufacturing

3D printing disruptive technologies with applications to Aerospace and Medical Science.

Natural Resources

Export and Import of resources such as Wood, Coal or natural Gas and other natural commodities.

Educational technologies

Modern online coaching technologies for standard high schools and university entry tests.

Defense and Security

Thermal Imaging, Surveillance technologies, software development and other security related product businesses.

Industrial Automation and Systems

Pneumatic Tooling technologies application rapid assembly in aerospace and automotive.
Marketing of air tools for automotive, ship building and aerospace applications

Engineering Services

CAD, CAM, Manufacturing and assembly line process development, systems and procedures
development, QMS Certification consultancy.

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